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My Story

Why am I doing this?

I’ve always been passionate about wildlife and the environment. These days we're often so saturated in news about wildlife becoming endangered or extinct, but feel frustrated and powerless to help.

Like so many of us, I wanted to make a difference in a really hands on way—so it's no surprise that I didn't think twice when I read about this trip. I knew this was my chance to give something back to the world. And who better to give back to than a species that so closely resembles our own? Orang-utans are gentle, intelligent creatures. We share 97% of our DNA with orang-utans—yet we're responsible for the destruction of 80% of their habitat.

How can you help?

Before the trek, I'll be raising money for the WWF. Without them, so many species worldwide just wouldn’t have the same chance of survival. Help me help them by giving what you can through the “Give Now” button above.

If 100 people donate $30 each, I'll be able to meet my first fundraising target, but I'm hoping to raise so much more. Even if you can't donate $30, I appreciate any donation big or small, and every little bit does count.

Raising awareness also has a great impact and is just as important as donating, so please also spread the word by sharing this page with your friends and family.

What can donations do?

The funds raised will help WWF to:
• Create a giant 220,000 km2 network of protected areas and sustainably managed forests
• Provide the people of Borneo with real alternatives to illegal poaching and logging
• Protect and sustainably manage the remaining natural habitat within the Heart of Borneo

An example of how funds can help:
• $62 will put a WWF team on the ground to monitor the organ-utans and make sure they are thriving.
• $98 will help WWF work with a number of timber companies to verify their responsible and sustainable forest management.
• $168 will help WWF work with the local community to makes sure the orang-utans are not under threat from locals or outsiders.

Thank you so much in advance for your generosity and for taking the time to do this. I really appreciate it, and I hope I have inspired you to do something similar in the future—no matter how big or small.

—Camille Santiago, Brisbane photographer, videographer & graphic designer.

More Info:

To find out more about how WWF spends the money they receive, please visit http://www.wwf.org.au/what_you_can_do/support_wwf/how_we_spend_the_money/.

To find out more about orang-utans and the major threats to their survival, please visit http://wwf.panda.org/what_we_do/endangered_species/great_apes/orangutans/borneo_orangutan/

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